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7 Days To Die Mayhem #1

January 31, 2015 7 Days To Die  No comments

2015-01-30_000027 Days To Die has been a new addiction to me. Though the title itself has been around for a year or so now, it has only recently entered my library via some old gaming friends. We have set up ourselves a private 4man server to play around in.


So I was down t’ pit, mining my own business (nyuck nyuck) where I am usually to be found of a night time (in game) cranking my stone/concrete production, watching the biofuel cook. I could hear the wailing of a couple of spiders who seem to get stuck on the cliff face twice a day and are gradually digging their way through. I paid them no attention, it was nearly dawn and I would go up and clear them out as per the usual routine when the sun was up. Closing in on 7am, yep I’ll go up now. Had been crafting a bucket load of bolts and was

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