Battle over St Eloi

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arrasdf3¬†posted this originally at the Older Gamers forum, where a small few of us play this, but decided to make a blog post as well. I was recording the battle, but due to reasons shown later down the story I am unable to bring actual screens form the battle. Screens provided instead are from the same mission, which I had to repeat due to the client crashing and not recording the result. 

Standard Offensive Patrol, usual stuff, mid October overcast, drizzly, low level stuff, right in Archies range the whole time. I had just gotten out of hospital after getting shot up when downing another British two seater and first mission back on duty.

We cross no man's land and set our sites on a convenient balloon, when I spot another RE8 fly through almost under my guns. With altitude, speed

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More Rise of flight

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medals1Die Frenchy Die!
So I am thoroughly addicted to Rise of Flight now, and is taking up the majority of my gaming time. I bought myself TrackIR and now I am getting used to it it is awesome.


My career flying for Jasta 2 on the Lens-Amien front, just south of Arras has been a wild ride. Received my Wound Badge in black after a rather uninspiring couple of sorties in the Fokker E.III, only just surviving one dogfight, spewing oil form my plane and bleeding profusely. Managed to get back to my own lines and ditch the plane in a field. By the time they let me out of hospital the E.III had been retired and we were now flying our brand new first  Albatross D.II's.

Since moving into that plane I have almost doubled my confirmed kill count, with 7 to my name now, with about 10

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Rise Of Flight

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DVII and trainWreeeooommwreeeooomwreeooommmm

Ok so recently I have been getting back into flight simming, I used to do it many years ago but have not really played around with many since the original Il2 Sturmovik, which still remains to me the greatest flight sim ever (seriously, try the full 1946 version with the Ultrapack and Dark Blue World installed, its great) and I have recently discovered this WWI sim, Rise Of Flight.


Basically, it was originally released as a normal product, but then it changed to this F2P version, where as you can download the full game which comes with tow included aircraft (one for allies, one for axis) and you can buy additional planes via their store.

I am finicky about such business models, as sometimes it is simply money grubbing, but at

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Ok so my last wordpress blog broke for some reason, I have no idea why. This is a fresh install of the same software and hope it will stay working better than the last one. I will be transfering a blogger blog to this site as well as soon as I figure the process out so it will work as a back up. Watch the front page of the main site for updates/changes


Older article formt eh blog are kinda viewable I think here: Old Blog

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