Horses, Fishes and Sexy Knickers: A Black Desert Online Post.

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Raediel, my Sorceress and main character, and current substitute for a real life woman  is level 45. She should be 50 by now with decent gear, but tends to get waylaid by all the other activities on offer in Black Desert Online.






Probably the biggest distraction of late has been a sudden addiction to horse taming and breeding. After getting a lot of ropes from various quests as rewards I figured she might as well have a crack at it, rode down to Glish on her pre-order T3 Stallion and wandered around for a bit until something spawned. and after passing the time reading/watching guides on the matter, eventually a dirty grey T1 horse spawned.

It took Rae 28 ropes to get that horse, I was a bit keen on smashing the space bar and was doing it at the wrong time but eventually I got the hang of it and crawled back to Glish with my first wild horse in tow.

After that initial success, Rae then went on a rampage across the map, hunting for some T2 nags, and eventually after finding and taming 4 or 5 of them, she got her first mare. A few hours spent leveling it and a stallion to level 10 to attempt her first breed, at about some idiot hour of the morning she put her first pair into stud. Then went to bed…or something…I dunno.

I think the RNG gods must have smiled on me that day, as when I next got back to the game and checked the stable to receive the foal, it came out as  T3 mare! 1st go, girl horse. Hells yeah.


The 1st Foal


2 more t3 nags after exchange and breeding

After the initial success, the rampage only increased. The next three days were basically lost to taming and leveling horses. I had to create google spreadsheet in the end to keep track of what, where and how many horses she ended up with 🙂

Now her stable of T3’s is slowly growing,  however she needs to clear out a few more T2’s yet. Some have been sold, and has has 3 mares and a couple of stallions just about ready to breed. After that taming will be for exp purpose for awhile, selling off those results whilst she hooks up a few t3’s and get them up to a good level.

Lesson learned:

Sugar lumps are more expensive that ropes, and take more per horse unless you completely suck at the taming mini game.

Horse Exp is based on distance alone. Don’t bother weighing them down with anything. Fast coverage of distance is ideal. Use a wagon if you must, but make it a two horse wagon. A single horse wagon is only going to gimp your speed and give no benefit whatsoever. A wagon also gives you the chance to grind some trading between towns you have connected.

Distances needed to get say a T2 horse to level 12 is huge, you will cover the entire map several times in order to get them up to speed. More so if you have a two horse wagon as teh exp is split between the horse, effectively doubling the distance needed to travel, unless you have scrolls for horse exp.



The other big event for the week was finally making my first fishing boat. I took a week of gathering, rearranging nodes, hiring workers and waiting waiting waiting on workshops to finally get it built. An she is a ripper. Such a sleek, simple yet beautiful little boat.

Built in Epheria, my ranger, Dapple, who also does all my fishing, rode over there and registered it at the wharf. Got it out and launched her, sailing all the way back to Velia with a grin on my face, loving the speed and feeling of riding the waves like that was wonderful.

Got all the way to Velia, put boat back in wharf, realised then that I had left my bloody horse in Epheria. Twas a long run…


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So now I have Velia linked out to Ilya Island for a variety of fishing grounds, and have about 75% of what I need to make a second boat. Just gotta find all those sweet spots now. Probably link up a few islands out Epheria way as well, since I have it connected to Calpheon city to trade.


Sexy knickers:

That is all <3


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