Wow, remembered my old blog

March 23, 2016 General  No comments


Been well over 12 months since I did anything on this. Lazy I guess.

Thinking perhaps on rebooting it. Been playing a lot of things of late, and sometimes I just need to ramble on like a lunatic.

Deleted a couple of older posts, on matter like my old & Days To Die guide which has been outdated about 17 times since it was written, and it’s been a couple of months since I last played it. Still waiting on Alpha 14 or a full release.

Sim racing is one of my greatest passions

Sim racing is one of my greatest passions

As usual, its been sim racing, sim flying or RPG’s that have kept me busy. Though flight sims have taken a back seat of late, and due to an knee issue sim racing has also been a bit light on last couple of months. MMO’s have been hit and miss, only real good title to come out in ages has been Black Desert Online which I have become a hopeless addict to. I think it is wonderful, and the world is the most immersive and best realised world I have ever played in an MMORPG.



So expect a lot of BDO related crap incoming šŸ˜›

Anywy, this post is basically just to remember how WordPress works and I will try to work on something a bit more substantial over the next few hours provided I don’t get distracted by something shin……oooo what’s that?

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