7 Days To Die Mayhem #1

January 31, 2015 7 Days To Die  No comments


7 Days To Die has been a new addiction to me. Though the title itself has been around for a year or so now, it has only recently entered my library via some old gaming friends. We have set up ourselves a private 4man server to play around in.


So I was down t’ pit, mining my own business (nyuck nyuck) where I am usually to be found of a night time (in game) cranking my stone/concrete production, watching the biofuel cook. I could hear the wailing of a couple of spiders who seem to get stuck on the cliff face twice a day and are gradually digging their way through. I paid them no attention, it was nearly dawn and I would go up and clear them out as per the usual routine when the sun was up. Closing in on 7am, yep I’ll go up now. Had been crafting a bucket load of bolts and was prepared to go out for a jaunty expedition to explore the map and hopefully ping some piggy-wigs for nom nom’s.

First nasty surprise was the dapper lass in red in my mine entrance. A hunting knife to the face sufficed. Ok now to shut those spiders up. Ping ping with the crossbow….hmm seems to be more than usual there today…ok…quite a few more. Noise behind me…egads a whole passel of critters coming up on me. I kill the closest fast movers and beat a retreat to the compound.

Open three doors, close three doors, I’m in. Only had just finished the walls the day before, solid concrete, two blocks thick footings dug to the bedrock, completely lined with metal plating and spider proof. Up the stairs to the wall top and look across to see the below scene. Ok then a decent mob.




I start to clear them off with the crossbow, ping ping ping…. that seems to be the bulk of them. Down off the wall I go to do some up close dirty work on the remaining. Crest the rise and ye gods, there’s twice the number still coming.

More noise behind me…where in the name of the apocalypse did that lot come from!

Whop! You are stunned. Flee flee flee….

Ping ping ping, pulling them away from the door, going to need more ammo soon, this has been going on 20mins now. Run back to the compound..open three doors, close three doors…safe again. Back up on the wall, dropping them left right and centre. No more bolts, I’m a crap shot usually. Switch to rifle, bang bang bang.

Now that seems to be it. Just jump down again to clear the stragglers.

Seems the stragglers number about 100…

Whop! You are bleeding out…for the love of…no bandages….flee flee flee.

Open three doors, close three doors, get to the pillbox. First aid…hungry, thirsty..munch munch, slurp slurp…right.

Grab ammo, grab casings and tips from the forge, get some 7.62’s a-cookin’

Back out on the wall, bang bang bang bang bang…this has gone on an hour now.

Now, please, give me a break I want to go to bed, THAT HAS GOT TO BE THE LAST OF THEM.

Yes?….Yes? My god yes……

Looks at kills, went from 306 to 604, put on 6 levels, gained sore wrist, missed beddy byes by an hour, went through two cross bows and had to swap rifles twice due to the lack of repair kits and consumed a butt load of valuable ammo.

This is a new game, only started the server yesterday, random gen so nfi where to find all the resources, good co-operation between my small group of 3 other survivors to get the concrete and firearms together so I could survive this while the rest were chasing bunnies under their doonas.

I have had some great gaming moments, the hill fight in Vietcong, one particular dogfight in Rise of Flight, some great times in Skyrim not to mention the fun I had in Rift, but this one goes straight into the top five. Absolutely fantastic. I have no idea how I didn’t die (have 4 deaths, two of those from caves in, damn gravel, one from an ill advised wander into the central city outskirts like 5mins after my first spawn on the map and the other from trying to recover my backpack from that first death)

And I didn’t even have my shotgun.

But, my walls worked fantastic….phew…
Note to self: Make pipe bombs…immediately

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