DCS A-10C: Losing My Virginity

January 13, 2013 A-10CDCSFlight SimsGaming  No comments


Ok, so in general I am far more comfortable flying props than these new fangled “modern” things. I do however spend a good deal of time flying the Frogfoot in DCS World and I also own Blackshark 1 (not upgraded to 2 yet) and A-10C.

With the simpler avionics and controls of the Su-25T, being more of a survey than a study sim, I enjoy blowing the snot out of things in it. However I have always tried to challenge myself, hence BS1 and the Hog.

When it comes to modern avionics, MFDs, 6 trillion buttons to start an engine and god knows how many more to drop a bomb, my poor old slow brain, and my lack of high quality specialised peripherals makes learning to fly and fight in something like the F-16 or the A-10C a bit of a task.

Of late I have been willing myself to finally get to grips with the A-10C, being a ground pounder at heart and having picked up the title on special at my local EB games store. I have sat through many of the lessons (any one else think that dude sounds like Obama?) as far as using the LITENING pod and unguided munitions, and am gradually finding my way around the DSMS system

Tonight, after Iracing was a bust I jumped back on to try y luck at putting what I learned into practice. I loaded up the weapons practice mission and had a red hot crack. My goal was to use guns, rockets and maybe if I can figure it out without and guidance, drop a cluster bomb.

I am happy (and proud of myself) to claim a success on most items. Guns and Missiles I can use, and while I did drop a couple of bombs, I never hit anything with them.




Target Hit!


Target on fire!



My goal now is to perfect these weapons for now and gradually move onto to guided weapons. I can now half fulfill a emergency CAS role if absolutely needed (though would still do far more damage to a enemy in the SU-25T) and am nearly at the point where I could actually choose the A-10C in MP games if no froggy is available.



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