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Of course, Rise of Flight is not the only sim I play, I still play Il246 regularly, and some of the DCS titles, in fact there are probably nearly a dozen sims I could be flying on any given day.

CLoD initially would not run on my systems, at least it would, but by god it looked shit with all the compromises I needed to make. These days in it’s patched version, it runs much better and I can have most settings on high and then have FlightFX make up for some of the difference (and the Nvidia CP of course)

Additionally, the sheer lack of offline things available also was a turn off, but now there are plenty of massive campaigns one can download from various place to bulk out the SP experience.

I never really flew many of the German birds in teh past. I am  Russophile, and have always gone Soviet whenever I can. I started flying some more German crates in ROF, then tried a few in Il246 and now CLoD.

Took these screenies while flying missions in a user made BF110 campaign.

I never checked before but Steam really does kill the quality when using its SS function, jagged edges that are not in game show up in the screenies due to reduced quality. I apologize, does not do the game justice and will use Dxtory or similar in the future.


Forming Up


The Escort



Prelude to Boom!










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