Rise of Flight: 1.029, Channel Map, Felixstowe! And a Sale.

December 25, 2012 Flight SimsGamingRise of Flight  No comments



All evening, we have been waiting with baited breath after the announcement of ‘server maintenance’ earlier today. Speculation has been rife as to whether this would herald the release of the new Channel Map and Felixstowe float plane. Well, maintenance is done and yes indeed we are now able to get and use both of the above.

It’s a 800MB update, which I would guess includes all the new data ready to be unlocked with the store purchase.

Also announced, hot on the heels of the November sale is a Xmas 50% off sale 24th-30th December. Grab your new planes and mods while you can.


I have the new Felixstowe as well now, a lucky well timed gift. Now just need to wait for my slow arse wet string internet to update the game itself.

Edit: Check this post at the BOS forums for some great screens on the new beast:

Felixstowe Screenshots

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