Battle Of Stalingrad Dev Diary parts 1 and 2

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Developer Diary has taken to answering some of the questions put forth:

Developer Diary – Announcements – IL-2 Sturmovik Forum

They seem to be keeping the project within certain limits, which one can understand given the technical abilities of the engine and the all powerful money consideration.

Proponents of clicakble cockpits will be disappointed, and the level of in cockpit animation is still been a bit vague. i can live without the clickable thing if it allows dev cost/time to go into getting the sim working properly.

They have stuck with DX9 rather than going to DX10/11, my assumption would be to avoid the initial issues that CLOD had with performance across a range of systems. ROF looks just fine to me so not fussed there. CLOD runs fine on my system now, well for the most part, but it should not have taken an additional year to make that happen.

The crew seem to be stuck in an unenviable position of trying to keep things realistic (in so far as development) and a potential player base that seems to expect/demand everything.

In all, there will be some let downs for some expectations, but I am hoping that keeping within such limits will allow for a sim that is playable, has a great flight model and can build a solid player base and generate enough income to allow for further additions, be it theaters, aircraft and graphics improvements (such as implementing clickable cockpits)

Pre-order will apparently come sometime this year, probably late at a guess.

One other thing is that a crack down on the whole ROF vs CLOD shitfight that started up has been done, and there is zero tolerance for endless argument over which sim is best . There is a small tolerance for ROF related things, being it is the DN engine and a 777 led team behind the BOS project.

Why peeps can’t enjoy both and pray for BOS getting it right, and communally support the project is beyond me. But again I have little faith in Humanity in general anyway….

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