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Ainhua Cloudwren

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I have been working on the back stories of my Black Desert Online characters and I decided to kill two birds with stone tonight by both forcing myself to paint something and get a bit of a concept going of one of the mothers, and after 2 or 3 hours this is a very brief base on which I can build. Note: none of this is final, just nutting out some ideas and putting a face to the name.


Ainhua Cloudwren is the second wife, and the mother of Dapple, Kilyria and Talissin.

A huntress, accomplished in the use of bow and short sword, skills that her daughters inherited in one form or another and made their own.

Only young when she married and had her girls, she had time and energy to show them the ways of the hunt, of being swift and bold, stalk and kill and get out of

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