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Rise of Flight: 1.029, Channel Map, Felixstowe! And a Sale.

December 25, 2012 Flight SimsGamingRise of Flight  No comments


All evening, we have been waiting with baited breath after the announcement of 'server maintenance' earlier today. Speculation has been rife as to whether this would herald the release of the new Channel Map and Felixstowe float plane. Well, maintenance is done and yes indeed we are now able to get and use both of the above.

It's a 800MB update, which I would guess includes all the new data ready to be unlocked with the store purchase.

Also announced, hot on the heels of the November sale is a Xmas 50% off sale 24th-30th December. Grab your new planes and mods while you can.


I have the new Felixstowe as well now, a lucky well timed gift. Now just need to

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Some screens

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crossing the linesCouple of screens from a recent Offensive Patrol that I shared at the BOS forums.

A silly English lad decided that the odds were in his favor, taking his dinky little D.H.2 up against a flight of 4 Alby II's.


The attack begins

His chances were slim, even now

Unfair fight? Well...I guess he had it coming.


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Battle Of Stalingrad Dev Diary parts 1 and 2

December 22, 2012 Battle of StalingradFlight SimsGamingRise of Flight  No comments

Il2_2_ns37_machine_cannon_moscow_march_1943Developer Diary has taken to answering some of the questions put forth:

Developer Diary - Announcements - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum

They seem to be keeping the project within certain limits, which one can understand given the technical abilities of the engine and the all powerful money consideration.

Proponents of clicakble cockpits will be disappointed, and the level of in cockpit animation is still been a bit vague. i can live without the clickable thing if it allows dev cost/time to go into getting the sim working properly.

They have stuck with DX9 rather than going to DX10/11, my assumption would be to avoid the initial issues that CLOD had with performance across a range of systems. ROF looks just fine to me so not fussed there. CLOD runs fine on my system now, well for

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Battle of Stalingrad!

December 14, 2012 Battle of StalingradFlight SimsGamingRise of Flight  One comment

il-2-sturmovikRecent news has bought to light that 777 studios, developers of the wonderful WWI Sim Rise of Flight, and 1C Games, who bought us Il2:Cliffs of Dover have merged and will be working on a new title, slated for a 2014 release "Battle of Stalingrad"


Official Announcement

Good day pilots!

So, the long wait is over and we're ready to put the rumors to rest.

777 Studios partners with 1C to form 1C Game Studios (1CGS) and develop IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad

You can read the full announcement on the official website of the game at We also invite you to our new forum, where you will find additional information about the project and will be able to ask questions and chat with the developers.

To all our ROF customers and

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Battle over St Eloi

December 13, 2012 Flight SimsGamingRise of Flight  No comments

arrasdf3¬†posted this originally at the Older Gamers forum, where a small few of us play this, but decided to make a blog post as well. I was recording the battle, but due to reasons shown later down the story I am unable to bring actual screens form the battle. Screens provided instead are from the same mission, which I had to repeat due to the client crashing and not recording the result. 

Standard Offensive Patrol, usual stuff, mid October overcast, drizzly, low level stuff, right in Archies range the whole time. I had just gotten out of hospital after getting shot up when downing another British two seater and first mission back on duty.

We cross no man's land and set our sites on a convenient balloon, when I spot another RE8 fly through almost under my guns. With altitude, speed

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More Rise of flight

December 1, 2012 Flight SimsGamingRise of Flight  No comments

medals1Die Frenchy Die!
So I am thoroughly addicted to Rise of Flight now, and is taking up the majority of my gaming time. I bought myself TrackIR and now I am getting used to it it is awesome.


My career flying for Jasta 2 on the Lens-Amien front, just south of Arras has been a wild ride. Received my Wound Badge in black after a rather uninspiring couple of sorties in the Fokker E.III, only just surviving one dogfight, spewing oil form my plane and bleeding profusely. Managed to get back to my own lines and ditch the plane in a field. By the time they let me out of hospital the E.III had been retired and we were now flying our brand new first  Albatross D.II's.

Since moving into that plane I have almost doubled my confirmed kill count, with 7 to my name now, with about 10

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