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Horses, Fishes and Sexy Knickers: A Black Desert Online Post.

March 25, 2016 Black Desert Online  No comments

RaedielRaediel, my Sorceress and main character, and current substitute for a real life woman  is level 45. She should be 50 by now with decent gear, but tends to get waylaid by all the other activities on offer in Black Desert Online.




Probably the biggest distraction of late has been a sudden addiction to horse taming and breeding. After getting a lot of ropes from various quests as rewards I figured she might as well have a crack at it, rode down to Glish on her pre-order T3 Stallion and wandered around for a bit until something spawned. and after passing the time reading/watching guides on the matter, eventually a dirty grey T1 horse spawned.

It took Rae 28 ropes to get that horse, I was a bit keen on smashing the space bar and was doing it

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