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Wow, remembered my old blog

March 23, 2016 General  No comments

2016-03-09_567837783Been well over 12 months since I did anything on this. Lazy I guess.

Thinking perhaps on rebooting it. Been playing a lot of things of late, and sometimes I just need to ramble on like a lunatic.

Deleted a couple of older posts, on matter like my old & Days To Die guide which has been outdated about 17 times since it was written, and it's been a couple of months since I last played it. Still waiting on Alpha 14 or a full release.

Sim racing is one of my greatest passions

As usual, its been sim racing, sim flying or RPG's that have kept me busy. Though flight sims have taken a back seat of late, and due to an knee issue sim racing has also been a bit light on last couple of months. MMO's have been hit and miss, only real good title to come out in ages has been Black Desert

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