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DCS A-10C: Losing My Virginity

January 13, 2013 A-10CDCSFlight SimsGaming  No comments

Screen_130112_235203Ok, so in general I am far more comfortable flying props than these new fangled "modern" things. I do however spend a good deal of time flying the Frogfoot in DCS World and I also own Blackshark 1 (not upgraded to 2 yet) and A-10C.

With the simpler avionics and controls of the Su-25T, being more of a survey than a study sim, I enjoy blowing the snot out of things in it. However I have always tried to challenge myself, hence BS1 and the Hog.

When it comes to modern avionics, MFDs, 6 trillion buttons to start an engine and god knows how many more to drop a bomb, my poor old slow brain, and my lack of high quality specialised peripherals makes learning to fly and fight in something like the F-16 or the A-10C a bit of a task.

Of late I have been willing myself to finally get to grips

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