Ainhua Cloudwren

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I have been working on the back stories of my Black Desert Online characters and I decided to kill two birds with stone tonight by both forcing myself to paint something and get a bit of a concept going of one of the mothers, and after 2 or 3 hours this is a very brief base on which I can build. Note: none of this is final, just nutting out some ideas and putting a face to the name.


Ainhua Cloudwren is the second wife, and the mother of Dapple, Kilyria and Talissin.

A huntress, accomplished in the use of bow and short sword, skills that her daughters inherited in one form or another and made their own.

Only young when she married and had her girls, she had time and energy to show them the ways of the hunt, of being swift and bold, stalk and kill and get out of

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Horses, Fishes and Sexy Knickers: A Black Desert Online Post.

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RaedielRaediel, my Sorceress and main character, and current substitute for a real life woman  is level 45. She should be 50 by now with decent gear, but tends to get waylaid by all the other activities on offer in Black Desert Online.




Probably the biggest distraction of late has been a sudden addiction to horse taming and breeding. After getting a lot of ropes from various quests as rewards I figured she might as well have a crack at it, rode down to Glish on her pre-order T3 Stallion and wandered around for a bit until something spawned. and after passing the time reading/watching guides on the matter, eventually a dirty grey T1 horse spawned.

It took Rae 28 ropes to get that horse, I was a bit keen on smashing the space bar and was doing it

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Wow, remembered my old blog

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2016-03-09_567837783Been well over 12 months since I did anything on this. Lazy I guess.

Thinking perhaps on rebooting it. Been playing a lot of things of late, and sometimes I just need to ramble on like a lunatic.

Deleted a couple of older posts, on matter like my old & Days To Die guide which has been outdated about 17 times since it was written, and it's been a couple of months since I last played it. Still waiting on Alpha 14 or a full release.

Sim racing is one of my greatest passions

As usual, its been sim racing, sim flying or RPG's that have kept me busy. Though flight sims have taken a back seat of late, and due to an knee issue sim racing has also been a bit light on last couple of months. MMO's have been hit and miss, only real good title to come out in ages has been Black Desert

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7 Days To Die Mayhem #1

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2015-01-30_000027 Days To Die has been a new addiction to me. Though the title itself has been around for a year or so now, it has only recently entered my library via some old gaming friends. We have set up ourselves a private 4man server to play around in.


So I was down t’ pit, mining my own business (nyuck nyuck) where I am usually to be found of a night time (in game) cranking my stone/concrete production, watching the biofuel cook. I could hear the wailing of a couple of spiders who seem to get stuck on the cliff face twice a day and are gradually digging their way through. I paid them no attention, it was nearly dawn and I would go up and clear them out as per the usual routine when the sun was up. Closing in on 7am, yep I’ll go up now. Had been crafting a bucket load of bolts and was

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DCS A-10C: Losing My Virginity

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Screen_130112_235203Ok, so in general I am far more comfortable flying props than these new fangled "modern" things. I do however spend a good deal of time flying the Frogfoot in DCS World and I also own Blackshark 1 (not upgraded to 2 yet) and A-10C.

With the simpler avionics and controls of the Su-25T, being more of a survey than a study sim, I enjoy blowing the snot out of things in it. However I have always tried to challenge myself, hence BS1 and the Hog.

When it comes to modern avionics, MFDs, 6 trillion buttons to start an engine and god knows how many more to drop a bomb, my poor old slow brain, and my lack of high quality specialised peripherals makes learning to fly and fight in something like the F-16 or the A-10C a bit of a task.

Of late I have been willing myself to finally get to grips

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Dawn Shipping Raid

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2013-01-01_00009Of course, Rise of Flight is not the only sim I play, I still play Il246 regularly, and some of the DCS titles, in fact there are probably nearly a dozen sims I could be flying on any given day.

CLoD initially would not run on my systems, at least it would, but by god it looked shit with all the compromises I needed to make. These days in it's patched version, it runs much better and I can have most settings on high and then have FlightFX make up for some of the difference (and the Nvidia CP of course)

Additionally, the sheer lack of offline things available also was a turn off, but now there are plenty of massive campaigns one can download from various place to bulk out the SP experience.

I never really flew many of the German birds in teh past. I am  Russophile, and have always

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Rise of Flight: 1.029, Channel Map, Felixstowe! And a Sale.

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All evening, we have been waiting with baited breath after the announcement of 'server maintenance' earlier today. Speculation has been rife as to whether this would herald the release of the new Channel Map and Felixstowe float plane. Well, maintenance is done and yes indeed we are now able to get and use both of the above.

It's a 800MB update, which I would guess includes all the new data ready to be unlocked with the store purchase.

Also announced, hot on the heels of the November sale is a Xmas 50% off sale 24th-30th December. Grab your new planes and mods while you can.


I have the new Felixstowe as well now, a lucky well timed gift. Now just need to

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Some screens

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crossing the linesCouple of screens from a recent Offensive Patrol that I shared at the BOS forums.

A silly English lad decided that the odds were in his favor, taking his dinky little D.H.2 up against a flight of 4 Alby II's.


The attack begins

His chances were slim, even now

Unfair fight? Well...I guess he had it coming.


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Battle Of Stalingrad Dev Diary parts 1 and 2

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Il2_2_ns37_machine_cannon_moscow_march_1943Developer Diary has taken to answering some of the questions put forth:

Developer Diary - Announcements - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum

They seem to be keeping the project within certain limits, which one can understand given the technical abilities of the engine and the all powerful money consideration.

Proponents of clicakble cockpits will be disappointed, and the level of in cockpit animation is still been a bit vague. i can live without the clickable thing if it allows dev cost/time to go into getting the sim working properly.

They have stuck with DX9 rather than going to DX10/11, my assumption would be to avoid the initial issues that CLOD had with performance across a range of systems. ROF looks just fine to me so not fussed there. CLOD runs fine on my system now, well for

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Battle of Stalingrad!

December 14, 2012 Battle of StalingradFlight SimsGamingRise of Flight  One comment

il-2-sturmovikRecent news has bought to light that 777 studios, developers of the wonderful WWI Sim Rise of Flight, and 1C Games, who bought us Il2:Cliffs of Dover have merged and will be working on a new title, slated for a 2014 release "Battle of Stalingrad"


Official Announcement

Good day pilots!

So, the long wait is over and we're ready to put the rumors to rest.

777 Studios partners with 1C to form 1C Game Studios (1CGS) and develop IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad

You can read the full announcement on the official website of the game at We also invite you to our new forum, where you will find additional information about the project and will be able to ask questions and chat with the developers.

To all our ROF customers and

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