Anya and Kilyria Adventure on

So still been playing around with Skyrim again, should never have rerolled as I am being sucked back into the game worse than before lol.

Been concentrating on two characters at this point, Kilyria my delicious Redguard Archer and Anya, my re imagined Sword and Board fighter.

Issue I have with Skyrim is the time wasting I end up doing, just going for hours exploring and finding hidden gems of scenery and not really getting much else done, which is why I level so slow;y but that that is the way I enjoy playing TES games.



Kilyria, now she has leveled up a bit and I have ground out a heap of sneak, has become a very cool character/class to play. Long range stealth sniper attacks on bandit camps are a lot of fun, and she has enough melee capability to hold her own against most things. It took me a bit of practice to learn how to bring down a dragon solo as most times I have had to fight one it has been very close to a village with guards so I could pull the dragon in and get some help for a faster take down. She can kill them solo however and has done.

She has made the upgrade to Elven armour s seen in the next pics and has crafter her own enchanted Elven bow. She is about level 20 or so now after a couple of good play sessions and is avoiding most of the civil war quests to wander the country side at will and do her own thing.


Anya has come along slowly, going forma long range character back to a in your face melee lass can be a bit of adjustment at times.


Anya has been following the Companions storyline and various side quests, and hasn’t been up to High Hrothgar yet.


Getting her block up is a bit more involved than Kilyria’s sneak as you need to actually have some great twat hitting on you with a weapon while you stand there and block to get it higher.


One thing I have done with her that I havent tried with any of my other playthings is getting her married. She is now the happy same sex life partner of Sylgja of Shores Stone.


Now Sylgja was a decent pick due to having a house and all, but she wasn’t pretty enough so I downloaded the Skyrim NPC editor and made here a clone of my Conjurer Mage Inna. See the before and after pics from teh wedding and watch she now looks like when hanging out at Shor’s Stone



ANya has upgraded to dwarven armour now but has disvocered that the mine at her new lesbian partner’s house is an ebony mine so looking forward to getting those stores up for bigger and badass armour down the track


A final butt shot or two to round of the post.


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