My Skyrim Ladies

My Skyrim Ladies

This post should probably belong at my older blog Diary of a Huntress, but have decided to make more use of this blog instead.


Have had a frustrating week at Iracing, not getting the hang of the track on offer this week (VIR Grand East) so have been playing around iwth my long neglected Skyrim saves.

Spent a bit of time at Skyrim Nexus and have further modded the game to my liking and have redesigned my most often played ladies in the game.

Sporting new looks and rather skimpy armour, things are looking good for much aimless wandering and exploring.


First two is my highelst level character, Lidiya (and yes I was surprised when I got my house carl Lidya lol). She is a heavy armor wearing, two handed weilding warrior bitch. The second character is Valensia, a mage/battlemage type character, focusing on mostly destruction and illusion. Following her is a gorgeous dark skinned Redguard lass, Kilyria an archer specialist with some dual wielding ( I have no screenies of my other rogue like character Anya yet) and finally a couple of screenies of my original mage character Inna. Screens do not do her justice, she really came out quite beautiful after her redesign (she is a conjurer and loves using familiars and dual wielded bound weapons)

Feel free to click on the larger pics and leave any comments 9comments here are moderated so don’t stress if they do not show up after you submit, I need to approve first, too much spam otherwise)

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