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This site encompasses many things. I have two blogs running (see top menu) one general and one more specific to what gaming I am doing ( I am a big gamer)

He's Back, just as big and twice as ugly

Well, dear non-existent readers, it has been along time.

The post previous to this alluded to the possibility that I would possibly be gone from things for a while. Well, things went bad and it came to pass. But now, after almost a year I am back online.

I am hoping to get back to posting in my blogs regularly again and have been trying to catch up on almost two years of gaming, so many of the things I am trying are not exactly new to most, but new to me.


Well, the next week or tow a going to be huge for me and could result in either very good news or very bad news. If the former applies I will be either completely re designing this site or purchasing an additional site to cater for my increased photographic activity. If the latter is the case, well I will be away from serious photography for a bit (and a lot of other things)

Watch this page for more news.

Expect this site to change a bit as I experiment with a few ideas and looks whilst I await a resolution on matters and prepare for what I want to do if things go well.


So obviously, I have been absent form things for the last year or so. This has been due to unexpected circumstances which has had the effect of leaving me without a decent or constant internet connection.

This is likely to continue for a while yet, however if it comes to pass in the near future I will be able to return to being around the place again I am planning a refurbishment of the site.

Changes in my life and circumstances has led me to readjust and re-evaluate my life, and the process has led me down some differing paths.

New Forum!

I have created a new multi game forum for discussion of all things Sim! Check the main link above to have a look, join in and contribute.

Site Updates: New blogs pages, ROF etc

Ok so got whatever issues I was having with my old blog sorted...by way of abandoning it all together lol. I have started two new blogs, one will be my main gaming blog, currently centered around whatever gaming I have been doing, the other will be more for general use and possibly not as updated as much, but there for when I need it. It was started at Blogger.com when I was trying to get my wordpress installations working here and have pointed it to a custom sub domain on this site.

Blog area broken

So the Blog area of this site has been broken for a bit of time, so have disabled the menu link for it till I either get it fixed, replaced or abandoned all together.

Update: Am uploading an alternative install using a different blogging software to test. Will link if I am happy with it.

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